Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scrapbook Pics

About a year or so ago, my husband's uncle wrote a series of short narratives about growing up poor in Alabama with his brother (my husband's father).  My father in law passed away in 2005 and these narratives  provided us with an insight into his life that we never had before. We appreciated his uncle's efforts so much that I made a scrapbook to preserve his narratives. I actually made two identical ones, one for my husband and one for his uncle. Here are a few pics from the scrapbook.

Gypsy Font

Background is digital paper from PSE8.
Growing Up is Plantin Schoolbook
Tree is from Stamping Solutions
Grass is from Zooballoo (I think) 

Each of the six narratives are preceded in the scrapbook by a page similar to the one above and each page has a small silhouette on each side.  The silhouettes are different on each page and all were cut from ACY.
Book and shadow is from My Community
Boys silhouettes are from A Child's Year 

The picture on the left is my father in law when he first joined the Navy in his late teens.
The picture on the right was taken just before he retired from the Navy.
The flag border, United States of America and Liberty were cut from Stand and Salute.
The Liberty Bell, Navy emblems and anchor are from K&Company.

The picture on the left is my husband's uncle when he first joined the Army in his late teens.
The picture on the right was taken just before he retired from the Army.
The flag border, Honor and American Pride were cut from Stand and Salute.
The helicopter, Army emblems and US map with flag are from K&Company.

A few years before he passed away, my father in law and his brother revisited the neighborhood they grew up in and took pictures of their old house, schools, cotton mill, and everything else they could remember.  I included all those pics in the scrapbook as well.

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